A Light-Hearted Look

For a change I thought it would be fun to look at some of the lighter aspects of creativity, instead of focusing on techniques and processes. So let’s break the ice.

There have been any number of occasions where, working with teams, things have got very light-hearted. Oddly they were also the teams where the greatest results tended to appear at the end of the day.

However, as summer draws to a close, I’ve been reflecting on the lighter side of creativity and just what effects it can have. So, while you are eating a metaphorical ice-cream and enjoying what’s left of summer, let me ask you a simple question:


How would you tackle a problem using the metaphor of a fairground ride?


Work as a Fairground?

To be honest I bet that’s not on your usual list of descriptions. Instead we tend to separate fairgrounds into the category of leisure and fun – unless, of course, you’re a barker, in which case it’s probably both.

On the other hand it’s an interesting way of getting people out of the rut of their day-to-day thinking. I’ve tried it a few times and it gives a real twist to the language.

Just consider this. Before embarking on tackling a really tricky problem, get your team to design a fairground. It will have at least half-a-dozen rides of varying styles and types; from the wild and furious to perhaps a gentle sail on the boating lake or the teacups. If you are working in a separate space, get them to build it with whatever materials come to hand.

As the saying goes – here’s one we did earlier:

The UN-Fairground

Why Bother?

In the first place it establishes a common understanding that doesn’t require masses of description. Mention a roller-coaster and everyone gets the idea. Tell them it loops and barrels and they know what it feels like. So when you ask them to tackle something using one or more of those rides, it takes the brain into a different space. So, go on – let it rip!

Suddenly the light-hearted comes right to the fore and the creative juices are up and running.

Besides – who doesn’t like a different way of doing the same old problem-solving? Break the monotony and have some fun. Bringing it back to a serious level won’t seem at all dreary afterwards.

It Has Meaning

Especially to the participants. Shared experience creates bonds and also allows people to see the lighter side of their colleagues.

So how about getting them to describe what the journey is going to be like? Which order are they going to tackle things and how?

The choice is theirs. Give it some space.

Want Help to Create Your Own Fairground Metaphor?

Give us a call and pick our brains. We’ll help you understand the basics and how to build on those as part of a free consultation. It makes a massive difference in the quality of the solutions and there’s much more to Creativity that we can share. If you’d like more information online, then you can also follow this link.

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