Is Business Transformation Accelerator Right For You?

Having trouble making up your mind? We have answered some of your questions for you.

How long does the programme last?

There are 11 modules that should each take around 7-10 days to complete, so around 3-4 months in total.
However this will be interwoven with actually running your transformation programme so the elapsed time will be dependent on that.  Also holidays or business trips may mean that you need a bit more time but the programme is flexible and you can go at a pace to suit you.

Can I take a break and come back to it if I get busy?

Yes, of course – you can come back to it at any time.

Do I get any 1-on-1 time?

Yes, as well as weekly group Q&A sessions, I check in with you every 4 weeks, 1-on-1, to discuss your progress and explore any specific issues that you may be dealing with.

What if the programme doesn’t work?

The programme always works but very occasionally not in the way that a client expects.  That’s usually because it reveals the problems at the root of your desired transformation aren’t quite what you thought they were.  As a result in these circumstances people find they can revisit their strategy and devise a more appropriate way forward.  That can use the same tools you will have encountered up to this point, so you haven’t wasted anything.  Instead you will have a much clearer start point from which to work.

What happens after the programme?

Once you have completed the programme, you may well find that you want more exposure to the type of thinking and approach that the programme will introduce you to.  I will then invite you apply to join my Business Transformation Forum which is the next step on the journey.

How does the Programme compare with other change initiatives?

Many programmes are developed by academics, consultants and coaches who have expertise in their fields but little hands-on experience of running businesses.  In particular most do not have experience throughout the complete range of action from correctly identifying problem causes through to governance of a delivery project.  In fact many who work in creative problem solving just assume that project management of a designed solution doesn’t need any help.

In my experience this is a disaster as traditional project methods, while being relatively robust, need to take heed of all that has gone before.  Therefore the governance of the delivery phase needs to be built on those foundations.  My approach draws from the best coaching practice and management of creativity, innovation and change.  It is founded on decades of ongoing experience, running businesses and a lifelong insistence on getting things right first time.

How can I cover everything about transformational change in 3 months?

You can’t but you can establish a good foundation and you can correct many of the mistakes business owners and entrepreneurs make that get them into big trouble later on.

Don’t forget – this 3 months of programme is interwoven into actually delivering your transformation and the pace of that is going to be down to you and your team.

What about the cost?

The cost is intended to make you think seriously about committing to the programme.  The programme will not deliver its best to you unless you commit to it.  On the other hand, the cost is a tiny fraction of the returns that you can get from implementing its wisdom.  In addition it keeps you in control of what is going on and can avoid huge additional expense in hiring outside help to run your transformation(s).

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